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slide stop OH-NO'SSSSS

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i installed graves slide stops onto my 06s today. basiclly, no matter what map i load, it studders in the rev's. i dont have the pressure booster installed. could this be the problem? ive tried a few maps, some with SS and some without. it just moves the studder around in the RPM range. any idea if the booster is the problem/?
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i just got off the phone with graves. they SWORE to me i have 05 model throttle bodys. i told them i had 03-04 velocity stacks installed. and they said theyd fit but would off a decrease in performance. now ive been apart of ALL the 06s TB size threads and i know we came to an agreement that we did infact have 03-04 tbs on our bikes. plus ive been runing a 03-04 maps forever now and its run fine. but the graves rep told me i need a 05 map, and non exsist with slide stops. so now i have a problem. the forum says i NEEd the booster and 03-04 maps, and graves says i need an 05 map with NO booster.

anyone out there have slidestops on there 06s yet?
if you have a R6s.. than u have to use the o3-04

not 05's..
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