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Posted by Jim (admin) in the other thread

My name is Jim and my role is to oversee those communities which are part of the Motorcycle.com Network. I've been reading your comments and I'm working with Dennie and the mods to prioritize them and address those issues raised which I can as fast as I can. They have passionately brought forward your concerns and issues to me.

What I want to do here is try my best to address the key issue of uncertainty of change before getting into anything else at this point.

Who are we? Motorcycle.com: we manage a number of motorcycle communities offering enthusiasts content and resources/information to help them get the most out of their riding experience.

What are your intentions?

Provide the resources required to have a broader reach and attract more knowledgeable hard core enthusiasts to contribute and build this community. As well as offer even more resources to the community via Motorcycle.com. And develop a positive flow of information to R6MN ie new vendors hence better pricing, access to Yamaha Corp and their research and engineers etc. Making more technical resources available to you in order to address requests/issues regarding their product and offer opportunities with our vendors for more group buys.

What do you get in return?

We hope to grow this community and in return grow the network of Motorcycle.com communities which we support.

Will the leadership change?

No, the leadership here will not change. Dennie is staying on at his request and with no compensation because of his commitment to you. Dennie and the mods will continue to make the day to day calls.

Are you going increase censorship or change the rules or "tone" of the moderation?

No, this community is unique we have no plans to alter how the mods and admins have been doing their jobs because I'll work with them to support them as best I can.

I hate all the new ads...what are you going to do about it? You just want to make money!

To grow and support this community we need to generate revenue. Dennie felt that the community had reached a threshold and they didn't have the resources to provide for ongoing support and growth. And that is where we came in and offered to take those worries off his shoulder and allow him to focus on community management.

If you can not stand the ads then you have the option to become a premium member - premium members do not see these ads and they can disable the left bar as well.

We are a business, if we can support and grow this community while at the same time generating money as well, that’s a win win for us and the R6MN community.

Why don't you just put the site back to what it was?

In order for us to sustain and support the community we had to make changes. Granted some of those changes have been unpopular and often any kind of change is traumatic. I'm now working with the mods to prioritize the issues which are mutually acceptable and address those that we can as fast as possible. Already some issues raised by the mods have been addressed. We need to all work together to prioritize these issues so I can address them.

If you have the need to vent, that is understandable and the best thing I can do right now is listen to it. I'm hoping that some of that energy and passion in the community will be redirected to addressing the hot button features that the community needs which I can address as fast as possible.

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