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Selling my r6

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I have a 2004 Red R6, 500 miles, flushmounts, tank bra, fender eliminator. I don't have enough free time to ride and i'm buying a house. do you think i could get around 5500 for it. i'm in the midwest.
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Do you really only have 500 miles on the bike? If that's the case then I would think ti would go pretty fast for $5500.
hey man.... i just sold my Red 05' R6 in san diego....... 12K miles.... harris grips, Tank pad, painted windscreen..

for $6800!!!

so maybe ya can ask just a lil bit more....
5,500 is a good deal and should sell pretty quickly in Cali. Don't know about the demand in the Midwest though.
500 miles?!? Hmmmmmmm

Somtin no seem correcto....

Did you mean 5000?
My r6 only has 04 r6 only has 600 miles on it. bought it with 117 miles on it
Man why don't you guys ride these things? 04 R6 with 600 miles, bought at 117 miles, you only put 483 miles on that baby?

Man I can put up these numbers in a good long weekend, and 10 times as much in one season. I've had my 06 for a little under 2 weeks now and she has just over 600 miles...
what would that go for in the Northeast? i see so many varrying prices.
haha i put 1,000 the first couple of weeks that I had my bike. 200 miles of it was used riding home from the place I got it though.
I put 1000 miles my first week....well it helped I was on vacation from work...heheh
1127 in the first 17 hours (11 hours on day one and 6 hours on day two) of having my 06. :thumbup
ride your bike first then sell it
you suck
what kind of man are you? there goes what ever life you had in you once shes sold. just like these guys who sell their 6 once they get married. it just doesnt make sence to me. you dont have time to ride it?! YOU MAKE TIME TO RIDE THE R6 MY FRIEND!...you make time nealior6, you make time. now get the f*ck out of m y face kid.
i put 500 miles on my r6 between the saturday that i bought it and the following friday. not even 7 full days and taht was in cold ass chicago weather. i rode home from the dealership in 45 degree weather!!
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