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Part it out or Sell it whole?

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I posted a thread last month on wanting to sell my bike but I have been draggin my feet on doing it and really need to get it done. My question is what do you think would be the best bet... Part it out? or Sell it whole?

2003 Silver/Black R6 3,400+ miles
Scotts Damper
Devil OVO Slip on
Greg’s flush mounts
High tech speed integrator
Race sliders (1 has been grinded down a little)
Swing arm Sliders
Front and rear stands


I low sided once at 35 mph and since then I have fixed everything except the tank, left mirror, and then it will need a paint job.

I have the time to part it out and I am willing to do so but is it worth all the effort?

BTW I am not done with riding I just need to save some money right now and pay off a few bills.

Thanks in advance,

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