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Scorpio SR-i500SE for sale

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I'm tracking my bike, so I no longer need my alarm.

It's the SE model (comes with the remote, ignition imobilizer, battery backup, and perimeter sensor) and it was on my bike for one season (roughly 7 months). I also have the factory connector kit, which is included. Retails for ~$330 online plus the connector. I'm looking for $275 shipped OBO.

Some pics

The unit itself



Ignition imobilizer. This was never installed on my bike.

Perimeter sensor

Taillight harness

This is a close-up of the taillight harness. I had a CA integrator on my bike, and needed to tap into the taillight wires. About 1/4" has been stripped. If you are planning on an integrator, then this is perfect for you. If not, a piece of electrical tape will fix that up.

Remote (I've included a new AAA battery in the box :D)


And the box with everything inside.

As I said, it's $275 OBO...as long as it's reasonable, I'll consider it.
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If you still want to do it ill take it...Im not trying to be an ass Ive just never done anything like this so sorry. I thought it was an S model also my mistake. E-mail paypal if you want and ill pay.
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