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Saturday Afternoon Rides

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Hopefully this weekend will be nice
I know a couple of you guys have or wanted to meet up for a ride
Anyone down to ride this weekend and make a weekly thang:thumbup
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If the weathers good I'd like to go..

driven to perform is comming up on june 10th as well, anyone planning on going to it, or in it?


Got to fix a couple things on the bike but i most likely wont be riding until later on in the day about 3-4 if the repairs go smoothy
I'll post at about lunch to see if i can go
i'm in for saturday...
email me at [email protected] if were gonna go!
are you in calgary? your location says ont, and it's sposed to piss rain here all weekend I think...

edit, just seen your in banff from the other post.. So yeah we'll have to meet up some time, we head out in that direction.. but it won't be this weekend for me.. DTP is on, so I'll spending the day inside, out of the rain...


recognize your back yard^...
anyone down for going this weekend
yeah likely me, I sprained my ankle last weekend though, so I'm healing up this week, and I want to get some river raftin' in this weekend with the weather we're having... let me know..
supa did you want to ride out to black diamond/ turner valley in the afternoon
I havent done that ride but it looks pretty fun
Another r6 newb rider wants to come as wells
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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