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Repairing Bent Rim LIP? Vibrations?

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2003 r6 15xxx kms

hey guys, i just noticed recently that the lip of my front rim is a bit bent. i dont kno how this happend. the only possiblilty i can think of is if i went over a pothole to fast. is there neway i can repair this myself? any suggestions? will this be a problem? is it safe to continue riding with this?

since then i have noticed a large increase in vibrations in the clip ons and pegs.
* yes i have synced thorttle bodies recently
also the engine bolt has come just a little loose recently as well. i kno this becuase my frame slider is able to turn in circles. compared to before it coudlnt.

im goign to do the following tmr.

tourque down engine bolts
tighten/tourque down bearings on front and rear wheel.
tighten barends.

what else should i check? thanks in advance
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maybe you should try to have the rim balanced again...

maybe when you bent it you made it unbalanced.

how big of a dent is it???

do u got sum pics???
u can barely see it. but up clsoe you can. i'llt ake some pics today.
You cant torque wheels bearings cause they are pressed in. Try rebalancing the wheel. And its not something you can usually fix yourself. Theres a good chance you will crack the wheel attempting to do so. Wheel specialist can usually repair it for 40-80 bucks.
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