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Reevu rear view mirror helmets

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So while I was here on R6MN I stumbled along a thread mentioning Reevu's new rear view mirror helmet, wanting to know more info, I e-mailed them and got some very fast response. I am sure some of you don't want to read all of this, scroll down to the end to see a poster of the helmet. Here's some parts of the e-mails;

The helmet retails for around 400 Euros / £300. In dollars we hope no more than 450

As you can imagine it is quite difficult to take a picture from inside of a helmet but if you go to
http://www.reevu.com/what_you_see.asp there are some pictures that give you an idea. The mirror is so clear you could read a newspaper behind you (if it was printed backwards!)
By turning your head while looking in the mirror you get the panoramic view. The mirror must not be stared into whilst riding as your peripheral vision will make you aware of vehicles approaching behind.

Due to the huge demand created here in Europe, we do not have distribution in Canada yet. We are going through the preliminary tests for the DOT and should have the full certification this year hopefully around September. We will then be able to put distribution in place and introduce the helmets into the Canadian market.

Until we have the DOT the helmets can not be shipped into the North Americas.

A little bit more info;
The production of the helmet began at the end of Nov 2004. The reason we show cased the Helmet at Milan in Sep 2003 was to ascertain the reaction from select distributors that represent the motorsports market. The technology and the helmets astounded everyone, as well as the motorsports enthusiasts, as you can imagine. The helmet will be available for all markets and will come with all of the relevant standards. Sizes range from XS to XXL. It is manufactured to the best available technology with anti scratch, anti bacteria removable interior and real ventilation system made in Italy. 10 years of research and development have gone into this product to give the consumer the best available product at this time. The helmet will be available in Black and Black Matt and Silver and Silver Matt. The price will be about £299 / circa 350 to 400 Euros depending on local taxes and transport. In Dollars we hope it will be no more than 400 but will not know this retail price until they land in the USA or Country of distribution. We suggest you speak to your retailer who will put pressure on the distributor to deliver the helmet. Keep checking our web site for updates of distribution. Hopefully the product images will be available in the next couple of Months to be viewed on the web at www.reevu.com and also coming to a place near you. The helmets are available in selected European countries. There will be an online solution, which we will mail you about for those that can’t wait to have the first in their territory.

P.S. The helmets have received the prestigious racing gold standard from the ACU here in the UK

This is the poster,
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Seems like a cool idea, the more visibility you have on the street the better. Would be distracting as all hell on the track, though.
i would love to try one of these helmets
How does this work? Any pictures of the helmet? I would be interested as well. Pretty cool idea.
^^ not sure exactly, but basically there is a series of mirrors that are in line, in side your helmet, starting above your eyes, pretty much inside the helmet above the visor, to the rear of the helmet and out the back!, seems wierd, but it would be cool to see if it worked.
That is pretty cool
Been seeing this helmet for almost a year now. The more I see it, the more I want it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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