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ok so i have a 2001 r6 i replaced the rectifer in it about 3 months ago if that and re soldered all the connections made it all nice and pretty everything and now the bike just died again and acted the same way ass it did last time how long are these suppsed to last? what can i do to make them last long it getting expensive thanks
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The new one shoudl of lasted a lot longer, Did you check you battery it might have gone bad since the recifier was not charging it before.
The first time it happened to me, the rectifier, white platic plug and stator/magneto/coil/thing on the left side got toasted - had to be rewired.

The 2nd time, only the plug melted.....rest ok.

The 3rd time I saw the plug was about to melt again and it reminded me of my old RD350 which sometimes used to catch fire all by itself on more than 3 occasions - years apart.

So, with odo on about 50 000km, a plan was made......odo now on 80. I'm still running on the OEM 2001 battery.

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try a new battery, and check every ground and connection for corrosion...
^ Before buying a new battery
- charge it overnight - chances are it's still ok.
- find some thicker electical wire and solder them directly to the rectifier connectors and from there to any bigger electrical plug like pic above, so that you can still remove the rectifier without having to un-solder everything.

Remeber to keep track of which wire goes where, especially if 2 or more wires are the same color like mine above.

The root of this problem lies in the plastic plug that plugs into the rectifier...or rather the puny little copper connectors inside the plastic plug - after a while they start dry-jointing.
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