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Rear Sprocket help

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Alright so I just bolted up my new AFAM rear sprocket, torqued it to spec, criss cross pattern and everything. But when I spin it on the bike, its very wobbly, I've taken it off twice and loosened and re tightened hoping the problem would solve itself, but it wont' The wheel is stright as shit, and as far as I can tell all the cush drive rubbers are in there properly, and the cush drive it pushed in as far is it will go.

Any tips ?
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make sure you got the correct sprocket , i also had a AFAM rear sprocket and had no probs on the installation , maybe its for a R1 or a different bike all together? i dont have any other tips.

how many teeth on it? 48 or larger
It's probably that the cush rubbers aren't seated fully home. How does it look when its on the bike and fully tightened down?
I had that same problem when I put my bike back together this last time. The cush drive just wasn't seated all the way. I took the rear wheel off, tried to seat it with a rubber mallet, but to no avail. Put the rear wheel back on, tighened everything down, went for about a 120 mile ride, and it was fine when I got back. Just had to get seated properly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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