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R6 RJ11 Engine Camshafts Toasted/Need some experts precise info regarding Engine parts swap

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Good day,

Yesterday on the highway had some bad luck.
Engine was was stuck (rear tire was blocked)
Disassembled oil pump, checked clearances following R6 workshop manual en checked oil pump for scratches.
Disassembled cilinder head en camshafts and inspected pistons en cilinder walls.
Problem is with the camshafts and cilinder head. Please see attached pics.
Friends of mine says this can be fixed by specialised company's, I'm thinking not.
As most know I think is that parts are very rare in engine parts.

I have a few specific questions and hope someone with the right knowledge can help me point in the right direction.

1. I have a XJ511E engine (RJ11 2007) Can I put a complete Cylinderhead on this engine from a RJ15 2008-2016 without a problem?

2. Can I take cams of a RJ15 and put them in a cilinder of a RJ11 Without a problem?

3. Does the cams, cilinderhead and camshaft caps which helds the camshaft in place has to be all "worn" between eachother or are these three parts interchangeable seperate from eachother?

4. Looking at the images, do you guys and girls think it's repairable or disposable?

You have no idea what help it would be to get me the right info, I'm stuck like glue.


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