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HI all, I have a good one for you, I have a r6 13s model. IF the stand is down, and I go to start the bike. The bike turns over when in neutral, but won't start.
When I lift the stand, the bike starts fine.

Also, when in gear if the bike is running, and I put the stand down, the bike cuts out as it should. If the stand is down the bike will not crank if I pull in the clutch, untill i lift the stand then the bike starts in gear.

I have no actual idea what is causing this, any help would be great fully received on this.
The clutch switch is working as it should, so is the stand switch, the neutral sensor shows on the dash when in neutral, also when I'm in gear the bike needs the clutch to be pulled in to start.

Fully stuck on this, lol

Thank you for anybody who may be able to help
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