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r these oem sprockets?

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these r for a 99-02. im trying to figure out what gearing these sprockets are. i think they are either 520 or oem 532. can anyone identify them?

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I can't say for sure, but they look a lot like my oem ones, and they're stock 16/48 gearing as well.
The front is stock because as far as I know no aftermarket sprocket has the rubber bushing. If the rear is the same thickness than it is 532.
That front sprocket is a stock Yamaha part for a 2003-2005 YZF-R6 or a
2006 YZF-R6S.
As stated above, the giveaway on that is the rubber damper attached to it (along with the 5SL model code molded into it).

Although I see no identification marks on it (other than the 48 for number of teeth), the rear one looks like a stock Yamaha part for the same bikes.

The gearing is written right on them: 16/48.
If you mean pitch of chain, the bikes came stock with 532.
ok i just did a little more online research. so does "5SL" mean 03-05, "5MT" mean 01-02, and "5EB" mean 99-00?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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