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Question about exhaust fitting?!!

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I'm looking to purchase a slip-on micron exhaust from a 04 r6 for a really good price. I'm new to the site and I have just purchased a 06 r6s, and I was wondering if the exhaust would fit it I purchased it? Also, it is a high exit exhaust, does that effect passengers as far as burning or anything of the sort? The guy told me that he had the extention for the passenger foot pedals, so please give me some advice. I really appreciate it.
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not to be a dick....but do a search...many of us including myself have a micron HM....i have the 01 version, so i am of lesser help....but to answer your question of if it will fit...yes it will..and as the other stuff.....figure it out...
Thanks for the info and the links, but again I'm new, so that's why I asked.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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