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Pre-loading R6 and adjusting it for my height

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I got my 04 r6 in the beginning of April.. i love it but it is a little too high for me... i cannot put both of my feet down heel to toe.. i know there is a way to adjust the height and preload the shocks for my weight (150) so what exactly should i do?

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To my knowledge the 04 does not have a ride height adjuster. Spring preload is different this is how much pressure is exerted on the spring by the preload ring/collar at rest. The more preload, the less static sag the bike will have. This means the more preload, the less the shock will compress under a given load. for example if your carrying a passenger you should increase your preload to reduce sag under the increased weight. I suppose its possible to reduce the preload on your bike to give you a little more sag when your on the bike and allow you to flat foot while stopped. This could adversly affect the handling of your bike and make the rear bottom out from pump down if its reduced too much.
^^ yeah what he said. i mess with the sag and brought it down all the way, it helped a little. maybe if i weigh a little more i can definitely flat-foot it but it bottoms out really bad.
maybe shave your seat or wear platform shoes. tonto broke it down nicely as to why you shouldn't do that
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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