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I was hoping for a little help if you all could assist.

My bike is an 02 R6. No additional electrical modifications except for an undertail kit which was already on when I bought it. Previous summer the bike ran fine no issues.

This summer the bike has died on me while riding twice now. Typical issues that have been described. My gauges just shut off and the bike dies while riding. If I turn it on I have very dim lights/no gauges showing/bike will not start/battery completely dead.

The first time I thought the battery was just low so I gave it a full charge on the trickle charger. Yesterday I went riding for an hour and forgot to put it on the charger and today it dies within 15 minutes of riding.

problem seems to be A - battery is not charging, B - battery is being used to run the bike.

All in all it seems like it could be the rectifier/harness plug issue that everyone seems to be having. Is there a step by step post on how to access the plug? I couldn't seem to find it on search.

How can you tell if the stator is bad as well though. when I had my bike in for inspection I asked them to check the charging system and they said it was fine which I am now rather pissed about cause something is obviously not fine.

If you start the bike and then disconnect the battery should the stator keep the bike running? I did this and the bike dies in less than a minute.:drunkbud:drunkbud:drunkbud:drunkbud:drunkbud:drunkbud:myfault:myfault:myfault:myfault:myfault
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