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Pop Screws - Idiot Newb question

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I am retarded :( for asking this but i must before i apply any more pain to my fingers. So last night i successfully put in some new flush mount lights. I was able to get to the turn signal wires by just pulling down and out on the fairing with a few of the bolts out. I did it this way because in the process of trying to get the upper fairings off, i came across the two pop screws where it holds the failring to the black piece where the air goes through in the front.

Anyhow, what the heck is the easiest way to get them off? :furious These are the ones that don't have the little space to stick a flathead into or the ones where you can screw out a bit with a philips.

I put two fingers on the edge of the flat part, and pushed with my thumb on the the pointed end, but it just won't budge and click down.

Hope that makes sense.
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Thanks serpent....duuuhhhh.....the service manual.....forgot to look there....i got so frustrated with them i guess i didn't think too clearly.
serpentracer said:
have a looky

Doesn't always work. I had to cut off one when I took fairings off, the rest of them gave in pretty easily.
Yeah, those bitchez can be a MPITA when trying to get them out.
You guys bitchin about these are out of your minds...these are gods gift to the do it yourselfer....I wish all motorcycle/car manufaturers used these...very easy to deal with and you VERY VERY RARELY have to replace one you've damaged trying to remove it like you do on most cars.
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