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Pilot Power 2CT (2006)

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Hi all,

Time for a new back tyre, and the Pilot Power lasted 4K so happy to put another PP on, but thought I may as well go for the latest dual compound version. (£11 difference)

Asked Twistgrip in Nottingham to order one (great place for parts, and have had tyres fitted here before), and he said he would check the compatibility with the front PP (e.g. front not the 2ct).

Guy at Twistgrip rang back later saying that the compound of the tyre was completely different (even the centre bit), and much softer than the standard PP, and why would I want such a tyre, did I only ever do trackdays ??

This sounded a bit odd, and not what I had read on the Michelin website, so I rang the number given for Michelin UK, and by pure fluke was answered by Barry Robinson who is their two wheeled technical guy.

He said exactly what I expected in that the tyre is exactly the same compound, except for the shoulders (and if you look at the flatspots on my tyres, wear on the shoulders isnt really an issue !). He did say that it wasnt recommended doing the back first (for obvious reasons), but the front will be changed in a few hundred miles anyway so I'm not worried about that.

So in Summary, the Michelin customer service is excellent ! And the advice given by the tyre suppliers that supply twistgrip was total cr*p. I cant blame twistgrip for this, but think perhaps they should be careful what they tell their customers, as this made me feel like I was being a moron by fitting a track tyre on a roadbike, whereas the Michelin website says 90% road, 10% track for the PP 2ct.

Anyway, no point to this thread, just wanted to vent....

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its always nice to confirm your suspicion that someone doesnt know what they are talking about... congrats on following it up. some pple would bow to salesman pressure and say .... "oh ok what should i have"
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