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Pics of me growing up on motorcycles

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Well it all started at the age of 3

At the age 6 was my first motorized PW50

Then at the age 9 or so I was learning to slide the XR80

Then the mx100

Then the IT200

Then raced the CR125 at 16, 17

Bought a GS500E when I was 18 no pics

Then got a 99 R6 at 21............Had this bike for 4 years put 34000 on it

Then the 03 R6

No pics but had a XR250 to play with

Then the 05 R6

And now the 06 R6

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Nice pics.. looks like a fun childhood

and the cycle continues :lol
you look a little smaller on that 05...maybe it's just me
nice timeline!!
awesome, wish i started out that young!!
that's an awsome progression of pics! I started riding last year, so my progression would pale in comparison =)
i didnt start til i was 22 :(

awesome pics...
thats pimP!
I did not brake any bones untill last year at the track at the age of 26
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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