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Pics of '06 Woodcraft rearsets?

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Woodcraft doesn't have pics of the '06 R6 rearsets on their site yet. I did some searching here and couldn't find any images.

Can someone who has them installed on their '06 snap some pics of both sides installed? I'm curious to see how they're designed.

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This is all I can do, sorry for the crap pic. I have to go visit him thes week so i'll try to get a better one if you have not seen one yet.

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Thanks bulldog.

Woodcraft finally put up a few pics, though:


Sex on a stick if you ask me. I like that the pedal pivots are separate from the foot peg mounting point, too (I've seen too many post-crash jammed pedals from rearsets that use the peg as pedal pivot).

Looks like I'm going to have to order some of these...in std shift, though.
haha I took some crapy phone pics but for got to post them lol.


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Thanks for posting the pics.

It's a shame they couldn't separate the brake pedal pivot from the foot peg...that type of joint often results in a binding brake pedal after a crash. Also, that shift rod is just beggin' to be painted black.

Is the black annodizing worn away a little on the left side heel guard, or is that just dirt?
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