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Picking up a SV650 tomorrow

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My father and I went in half on a red 06' SV650. He has a Hayabusa but wanted something more upright as well and I only have my track R6 so it worked out pretty good. Looking forward to getting back out on the street again. I think it has been close to 3 years since I have really ridden on the street. Now I just need to make list of mods for the SV. :)
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I have an 05 sv1000s, love the shear power and torque of this bike. I have ridden the 650s and they are pretty stout as well. As far as mods go, def get yoshi or somethin to open it up a little. maybe a k&n for better airflow, but I would NOT do a pcIII.....I have heard horror stories of v-twins and pc's not working well. Twins hick-up alot on their own and I heard a pc will times that by three...and kill it alot when reved...
Eric wow man finally back out on the roads we'll have to go riding soon. Probably top of the list is some suspension. I hear GSXR shocks mount pretty easily if your on a budget. A pipe and power commander couldn't hurt. Holeshot makes a nice high mount slip-on or maybe a Hindle both pretty inexpensive. A 520 conversion is always a good call maybe go up a couple of teeth in rear. Fun little bikes I rode one last year at the East Course for a session. That thing was so easy to hop on and ride quick. Good Luck with it. http://www.svrider.com/
Mynfiancee rides an 06 SV650S., I got the lowers kit for her from oneidasuzuki.com. The bike looks great and is a blast to ride. I keepo trying to get her to switch bikes with me to no avail.
I love me some SVs! I learned on one and missed it a lil after I got the R6
they do good burnouts too
ya im looking for an sv for my lady she rely wants to get one so we can go ride.

i certainly enjoy racing my sv. congrats! just need to do something about the horrible stock suspension and it is a great great bike.
That's awesome Hooli...I wish my dad was a little younger and bought a bike so he and I could spend a little ride time together....

Post up some pics when you can..
NICE bike! Just got a SVs for track only and I LOVE IT!
Thanks guys. I am really looking forward to getting back out there again. Hopefully I have calmed down since my older street riding days :)

I will snap some pics of it. Maybe a few next to the ole' R6. I gotta sign up for a track day soon. The street can only provide so much.
Congrats on the new street ride. I am considering one myself. Yet, I have heard that the new models are spinning cranks on the track. Street bikes have not problems but if you decide to build and track it, apparently the crank and bearings are the weak link.
Snapped a few pics today.


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That looks awesome. I really want one.:thumbup
I like the mat your R6 is sitting on :lol

Congrats Hooli, enjoy :)
is the SV650 lighter than the R6?

Congrats Eric. Nice bikes. I prefer the last gen myself, but all around a cool toy! :D
Nice bike Hooli. Be careful on the street again.

HooliganR6 said:
Hopefully I have calmed down since my older street riding days :)
I'm thinking of a picture of a Katana wheelie? Wasn't that you? :lol
AFC said:
I like the mat your R6 is sitting on :lol

Congrats Hooli, enjoy :)
my son had that same rug years ago.
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