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Photos From My First Trackday...

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Hey guys!

I just got home on Monday from my three day weekend at Spring Mountain Raceway in Nevada...

I headed out there with a set of experienced friends that really made the weekend unforgetable...I had all the confidence and support I could ever need thanks to those guys...So cheers to all my friends out at the track...You guys know who you are! :thumbup

I learned so much about myself...My style...My strengths...My faults...Everything...Even what true friends are all about...Being there for each other...

I've only had 3 months of seat time on two wheels so I'm very proud with my progression...Like I've posted before I really want to work hard at becoming an accomplished rider...

I started the in the Novice group on Day One and got bumped to Intermediate on Day Two...

Intermediate riders...You guys are FAST...Wow...I learned a lot from you...Thanks for pushing me harder...

Please feel free to critique my body positioning...I'm new to the track and to the world of motorcycling in general and I want to learn...So without further a due...

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w00tw0000t! lookin good dannyboy :D

nice pics man! where are the rest?? i KNOW you took more than two...
looks good!!!! but the first one almost looks fake.....like something from tourist trophy or something. lol.
looks incredible for the short time u been riding.
Nice! Only 3 months of seat time and a track day. I like your style. :thumbup

I just did my first TD on Friday after over 3 years on my 03 and it was a blast! Wish I could get as low on the bike as you are. Still working on that and you can see it in places on my pics.
looking good, with time and practice you will really be hauling ass and getting off that seat more....

If you haven't already, read over A Twist of the Wrist Vol 2 by Keith Code
Right on Dan!!! Post up some more!!! :D :thumbup

New pictures are online now...

I've got over 40...But I think this pretty much covers the extent of the day!

Thanks for the compliments!
too busy selling houses dan0?

glad to hear you had fun amigo :D

now.. next time you go.. you BETTER invite me.. no matter how scared you are of me pwning you :hattip
Hrant...I'll make sure to let you know when my next TD will be...:thumbup

And I'm sure you've got the skill to be fast out there...Just remember to always be safe...
Like Jdogg just said...way to stay looking thru the turn. Keep on doing that and your form will continue to get better. Lookin good for your first track day!

Didn't get a chance to stuff you because of those damn pesky corner workers sticking their noses in everything but I still had a good time :)

Man you did great for your first trackday. Nice seeing you in Intermediate by the second damn day. Pahrump is an awesome track and I think you definitely picked the right track for your first time. Your form looks good btw.
gj man nice pics glad u had fun, those pics are making me itch for some leaning action dmnt..! out i go now to hit some twisties
What organization were you riding with at Pahrump? Ditto on the nice form and looking through the corners.
TakeIt2TheTrack.net organized the event...

I will say this much...Having never been to a trackday before I have nothing to base my comparisons on...But I will tell you that TakeIt2TheTrack.net did a fantastic job organizing the event...It was smooth and flawless...They gave fantastic advice...The were thorough and helpful during the tech inspection...They were timely about sessions...They were serious about safety on the track...They were kind enough to show me good lines through the corners...They offered some tasty food...And they made it a very enjoyable experience...

I highly recommend TT2TT.net...They were awesome! And Spring Mountain Raceway is one heck of a track...Beautiful...

Oh and Paul...It's over now...This was your chance to stuff me in the corners...You blew it...Next time...We'll have some more fun and hopefully we can start dicing it up within the next 2-3 TDs...And make sure to bring some X-Lax or something next time around...:lol

Thank you for all the compliments so far...Makes me feel very good about my riding...I appreciate it! :thumbup
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I was there too, and probably teched your bike!!! I was the control rider with the yellow R6, #759.

Anyway next time come introduce yourself, my name is Steve. Here are some cool pics I got..

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Hey Steve!

I remember your R6 out there...It's easy to spot and it's an R6...So it's a plus! :thumbup

You're looking really good out there! Hauling rear end...I wish I had known you were who you are...I would have asked you to tow me around for a few laps if you could have when I moved up into Intermediate...It would have probably boosted my confidence...

I'd love to work at a track someday...That would be fun...Glad you had a good time yourself Steve!
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