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Should have posted this a while ago, but forgot.

First 0 Points haul of the year :( With all the kit stuff and about 120 bhp it was a shame as the team would have finished quiet high we thought.

Pembrey Circuit South Wales 21st/22nd June 2008


The team had finally been sorted out just the Tuesday before the event. Richard Greenland a team rider who had been out due to injury was making his first appearance on the bike, was traveling today on the Ferry from Santander to Plymouth, then onto Pembrey. The manager had recruited two riders from the North Gloucester Racing Club, (NG) these were Dave Hockham and Stu Holloway.

The team manager **** “Dundee” was busy in the morning finishing the final bits of bike preparation, painting the new “Pro-Fibre” fairing, and applying the stickers bought that morning with the team name on.

The team set off on the anticipated 5-hour journey at around 3:30pm stopping at Dave's house to pickup the garage and other bits that may not have fitted into his car. A welcome larger was passed onto both the pit manager and the team manager to be consumed upon arrival at the circuit in a couple hours time.

However further down the M4 between Bridge End and Port Talbot the battery warning light came on in the van after passing a lorry. It was quickly diagnosed there was a problem when the temperature gauge “flew” up and power steering went. After a quick check under the bonnet it was apparent that the fan belt had come loose along with the automatic adjuster. After a quick call to the van hire company is was established to use the emergency phone box on the M4 to get AA fleet to solve the issue, as a repair was not going to be possible.

The contract recovery vehicle turned up, and loaded the van and drove the bike to the circuit arriving just after midnight, a tent was pitched before the rain arrived.

Saturday - Practice & Qualifying

The team manager tried to get to sleep once the tent was pitched, however the issue of the van ment that after a short walk around the Pits of Pembrey to view developments a call to AA fleet to arrange collection of the van later that morning before the crossing closed ment that a text had to go to the hire company to get a job number.

Later that morning the other riders arrived just before 8am to help with moving the van to the pits and unloading the bike to the scritaneering area and unload the van so it could be loaded onto the recovery vehicle to be fixed in Swansea.

Once the pit complex was setup with great help by all team members, including Jim the nephew of the Pit Manager, the bike went through scruitaneering once the numbers where applied to the Bike.

First session for the race bike was an hour’s practice where it allowed Richard to practice both with the bike and “Race – Shift” pattern which was the opposite to what he was used to.

All riders lapped with consistent times on the bike. Both Dave & Stu lapped quicker than Richard but this was only due to their knowledge of the track from NG races. Lap times were approximately 1:11's for Richard with Stu lapping 1:08's and Dave 1:06's. These were completed in wet conditions due to the rain. Both Dave and Stu reported that a dry line was now forming and that Dry Tires would be the ideal selection when Qualifying 1 started after the “junior” Endurance Race.

By the time of qualifying 1 there was indeed a dry line, so all riders went out with a Metzeler Ractec Front & Rear tires. Consistent times were set by all riders, Dave Hockham bagging the eventual “Pole Position” with a lap time of 1:04, Richard was lapping consistently in the 1:06's and Stu slightly slower with 1:07's.

All riders reported a good feeling with the bike and the tyre choice for the conditions, the bike was now producing over 115 bhp following the purchase of a Kit ECU & wiring loom. These items were professionally setup by Team Sponsor Phil Seton, of Seton Tuning.

After the “Mote Grande” Race had finished qualifying 2 could take place. Now the weather conditions had changed following rain to wet conditions. It was decided to place wets back into the bike to allow all riders more time on the bike. Again consistent times were set and more time on the bike allowed all riders to get a feel for the bike in readiness for the next days race.

After this all team members were happy and a plan for the “Race Day” was established to make sure gearing, suspension, tires & other issues were set for the race, which was starting at midday.

Sunday - Race day

Race day started at 9am, the strong wind on Saturday night / Sunday morning ment that the Pit manager had to ensure that the garage was safe and ready to use. When the riders arrived they helped out in the pits while the Manager ensured that all the pit crew was fed and watered. Practice went well in the dry, warm/hot conditions with a strong wind, possibly force 6/7 was blowing across the track from the normal directions. This would have an affect the light weight R6 in a couple of areas of the track, all riders went out in practice to get used to the conditions and confirm that all settings were correct for the race.

During the short “Moto-Grande” race the wheel rims were taken to Jim from BikeTek Mobile to have the front & rear race tires fitted to the 3rd set of rims. A set of wets would be kept as spares should the conditions change during the race. Due to an accident during the sprint race, National race start was moved forward to 11:45am so once lunch was taken and bike prep confirmed the start procedure and rider order was decided. Rider order for the race was confirmed as Stu Holloway 1st , Richard Greenland 2nd (holding bike during start procedure) with Dave Hockham third the teams fastest rider over the weekend so far.

The start went well at 11:45 with the bike running well only loosing 2 places in the early laps. Until lap 15 when Stu crashed the bike at the hairpin. Stu retrieved the bike and after a quick check decided to continue to ride the bike. The bike however had sustained some damage to the front brake lever and the Timing chain cover had holed during the crash. Stu missed the exit to the pits to bring the bike back for a check, had brakes on the entry to Honda the final turn. When Stu was approaching the braking marker he found no front brakes, no rear brakes and his right foot with oil on it. Stu did the only thing he could and stepped off the bike. The bike continued towards the outside of the track at turn 1 on it’s side. It managed to flip itself onto it’s left hand side on top of the tyre wall.

This lead to it being un-recoverable as with the oil leak and number of people required to lift the bike off the tyre wall the Clarke of the course said No.

Thanks go out to all members of the team Riders Richard Greenland, Dave Marsh & Stu Holloway. **** “Dundee” & Jim for another solid weekend in the pits with Max, Richard’s Wife helping as well. The weekend would not have been possible without you all.

Thanks go to team sponsors, HEL, Seton Tuning, Pro-Fibre, Motorike-crazy.com & Motorsport marketing. The team will be back out at Snetterton to start the 4 wins, which will finish off the season well.

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bad luck there greg.

can you explain to me in simple terms just what exactly endurance racing is? i've never heard of it before. not taking the piss, i just want to know.

better luck in future mate
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