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Got an 06 R6 that just recently had a ton of mods done to it, and I'm going to
be in desperate need of a PC of some sort before I get back out on the track.

I've cut the cat off, had a reputable exhaust shop weld in a mid pipe from the header to my graves slip on, put a bmc filter in, and converted to a 520 chain with a 15 / 46 gear ratio change. Unfortunately, I'm brand new when it comes to fuel management and power commander. At this point, I really need to find out what type of PC I will need for the bike. I got a guy that's going to do the mapping for me, which is $$, so I'm going the eBay route and grabbing a PC III.

It seems to be the "right" thing to do as many other folks have done the same, but not sure if it's right for my application. I need something I won't spend more than $300 on, and I wanted it to run it by the experts here familiar with our bikes first. PC III is the best route, correct? And will it also take care of removing the o2 sensor? :help

e-Beer to the first person that helps me understand this :beermug (otherwise known as Kudos)
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