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Well I had a friend of mine tell me to go to his cousin to get my bike painted becuase I originally was going to paint it myself following csides instructions and paint it blitz black.....well I was going to but riding season came up quick and I was busy skiing and working so I decided to have him paint it since I figured the amount of time i spent on it I could work anyways. I was told he painted cheap so I figured Id have him paint my bike for now and I could just get a spray gun and compressor another time and paint it myself. I call him up and tell him what I want painted, he said....sounds like a 500 dollar job.....Im like okay that sounds good, I bring my stuff down and he goes, thats more than it sounded on the phone, I said, ok well if you are working on it and it looks like it will be more than 600, CALL ME and I will come do more body work and sanding if I have to (cause I sanded the mids and lowers and seat cowl down to plastic with 220). I talked to him a few minutes ago and I was like, so can I pick it up, he goes yah come down around 5, I was like, ok. So I asked how much it was, he goes, it came to 700 dollars..........I was like, uhhhhhhh are you sure? he goes yah once i was done and everything it was 700. I was like, ummmmmmmmm....uhhhhhhhhh.......ummmmmm........ and thats kinda all I could say before he said okay see you at 5 and hung up.......I have 700 dollars but only planned on spending 5-6 on this paint job and that extra bit will set me back a ways gettin my bike back together....So I don't know what to do....How do I tell him 'hey buddy fuck you i said 600 so Ill pay 600' without making it a big deal.
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look at it realllllllly close and for EVERY single TINY blemish take off $100.
complain alot and remind him that ya'll agreed on $500 and AGREED that if it would cost more he'd call u. he didnt call you, its still $500.
also, look in every single nook and cranny. if he missed a spot on the underside or something take off another $50-$100. if he got paint (overspray) on ANY part of your bike that shouldnt have been painted take off even more. soon he'll owe you money and if you're good at bargaining you should be able to talk that douche down to at least $400

after you pay him NO MORE THAN $500, tell him to go fuck himself for bein a prick
transamman1999 said:
after you pay him NO MORE THAN $500, tell him to go fuck himself for bein a prick
and then he promptly takes your freshly painted body work, proceeds to pour paint thinner on it and promptly lights it on fire. He then offers you some s'mores so you can enjoy the fire for an additional $5 bucks.
Well I just picked it up and the color is good but there are a TON of blemishes, lots of dust in the clear and aroudn the edges of my plastic there is primer showing. On my metal parts he gave them to me without them being cured enough and the stuff rolled and crinkled when he picked it up and put it in my car. There is also a spot on the tail section that is still blue that he missed completely so I called him up when I got home and said I wasnt happy and he told me that he would be more than happy to let me bring back the stuff I dont like and have him fix it. Which seems fair to me, I paid him 610 already which sucks, I know but he painted the following:Frame, Swingarm, Fork legs, Subframe, All my plastics, and a solo seat. I realize that it is a bitch to prep the frame and all that shit so I figured 300 for the metal parts, 400 for the paint job. I am going to make sure that when he is done, the bike is looking like a million bucks and I can walk away being happy that I threw down 700 on a paint job. If for some reason he cant make it the best paint job I have ever seen I am going to start taking money off from that and tell him that he needs to pay me money back. My mother is a paralegal and my friends dad is the best lawyer on the east side so Id own his ass in court. Lets hope it doesnt come to that and he just makes me happy by fixing any blemishes and sending me on my way.
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Did you ever see this persons work? You should have just went to a local body shop and they could have did it for that price.:2cents
You may own him in court doesnt mean you will ever see the money.
Hopefully he will fix it like it shoudl be
yah, he is going to fix it, and I realize for that price he SHOULD fix it....oh well, I guess its a lesson learned, I will be painting my own stuff from now on.
thats not the lesson learned...its called find a good painter whos work youve seen and you can trust...if you dont paint its just gonna turn out like shit
Yah its a lesson learned because I saw his work on my friends bike (his cousins) and it looked awesome. The blemishes were small runs on a lot of the edges and a few blemishes and missed spots. He said I can bring back whatever Im not happy with. Considering how much he painted and that he is going to make it perfect I figure 700 is a good price and my lesson is learned because I may not be a professional painter, but I am good with a spray can and Im sure I could pick up on the spray gun pretty quick. Id obviously have to learn the mixing part but I know that after painting with it once or twice I could get everything to look really nice, and maybe paint a few things for friends to pay for the spray gun and compressor that I buy.
$700 is too much. For a qaulitysingle color 2 stage paint job it should be about $450
i paid 600 for house of colors candy apple red on all my plastics including him doing all prepping and everything including some shaving and stuff ... i think he charged too much ... but i can only go with what i paid
some candy colors require multiple layers to make them look right. Thats not just a simple base coat/ clear coat paint job
+1 Big D, and candies are hard as shit to make look even, especially on multiple pieces, Materoa alone I bet was half the cost since it was HOK stuff, they make bitchin paint. But I agree, with all the problems you found you should be gettin a discount, I mean shit you didn't happen to notice a seein eye dog layin in a corner of the shop did you?
you already wetsanded the stuff and he charged $700. yeah, you got took man. if it has all those blemishes then he prolly didn't final wetsand/polish it out.
well he said he will polish everything up once I get it on the bike. My frame, subframe, swingarm, and forklegs were included in the painting price. He is fixing all of it free of charge and I feel like he tried to take me thinking that I wouldn't know a good paint job from a bad one. Trust me when it comes to paint jobs I am REALLY picky, I got a straight gloss black with no flake or anything and the coats seem really thin.....should I tell him to put more coats on everything or give me my money back? Should I just have him fix everything and bite the bullet on my first paint job? Should I tell him that I will pay him for paint materials and not anything else and go get it repainted? EDIT* no seeing eye dog, sorry
blackonwhite99r6 said:
I feel like he tried to take me thinking that I wouldn't know a good paint job from a bad one.
that's exactly what he did. before i started paiting i would take bikes to a local shop to have them sprayed. one day the guy calls me and say the pieces were done. i go pick them up and they were still wet. wtf? i tore him a new asshole, after that i decided to do it myself .... fuck em'

blackonwhite99r6 said:
coats seem really thin.....should I tell him to put more coats on everything or give me my money back?
what do you mean by "thin"? post a pic if you can.

blackonwhite99r6 said:
Should I just have him fix everything and bite the bullet on my first paint job? Should I tell him that I will pay him for paint materials and not anything else and go get it repainted?
it doesn't matter if it's a $400 job or a $1000 job. it should look right. the orangepeel can be wetsanded/polished out BUT if you're able to see spots of primer then the whole project needs to be redone ... at HIS cost. he needs to bite the bullet on this not you. he did a shit job. don't let him tell you otherwise.
Well I just may cause for 700 bucks I coulda painted and repainted my bike like 5 times AND bought a gun and compressor on top. I am going to have him fix everything and make sure it is done right, maybe bring back ALL the pieces and tell him to re-do it all and work from there. If he really put on 3 coats of paint is it possible that he missed a spot? I don't think it is.....do you?
nope, i think he sprayed 1-2 coats instead of what was recommended. most paint requires min 2-4 coats to ensure proper coverage. he did a quick job and got quick results.

what type of paint did he use? PPG, Dupont, House of Kolor?
I am going to see him tomorrow on my lunch break at work and I will ask what paint he used, I am thinking about making him completely redo a lot of stuff but I will admit that my frame looks really badass and has good coverage and everything but the rest around the edges looks like shit. It is just really hard to tell it like it is when it is one of my good friends cousins and I feel so disrespected looking at the paint job. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow afternoon, but no matter what I am going to have a good looking paint job at the end of all this.
:bump for info.
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