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Ordered body work from Mrcycles.com

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Hey has anybody ordered body work (plastics/fairings) from mrcycles.com?
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I have... everything, even the gas tank.

Mrcycles.com is my main supplier for my whole project. I've ordered so many stuff from them because they are cheap, very responsive, and fast.
2nd up is ebay.
Yes. They're reasonably priced, (Zannotti's beats them all day long, though) but they dont' fuck up orders like Zanotti and they actually ship in a semi-timely way.

Have I mentioned that it's fucking retarded to be waiting a week for a gasket that would take 30s to make with a sheet of material and a template? Let's not give our dealers the ability to do this, let's be fucking retarded......
fallen02r6 said:
Hey has anybody ordered body work (plastics/fairings) from mrcycles.com?

I have....Give Kevin a call ext 124 tell him that Steve Clegg sent you and he will hook you up...Kevin is a hell of a nice guy.:hattip

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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