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Orange things ...

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Just seen my partially completed orange Z1000. It's most lovely. Should be picking it up on Saturday.

Got a garage full of bolt on bits to fit. Should keep me busy this weekend whilst the wench goes off playing with her bike!

Now all i need is an "orange" name.

he he.


PS Pics to follow shortly.
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so wat mods are planned??
TheSlaYYer said:
Now all i need is an "orange" name.
Rotweiler, or Red Devil (except it ain't red).

Ginge Minge



Jaffa Rocket, or just Jaffa, or J'affa larf.

Juicy Lucy

Chocolate Orange

Zimmer Orange



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Tango and Crash ??????
^^^ Thats the one he he he he
Mates Zed Thou'

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^^^^^ Sweeeeeeeeeet! That thing is beautiful! :thumbup
^^^^^ Sweeeeeeeeeet! That thing is beautiful!
+ 1 looks good si :thumbup

Can I have a pillion ride, you could be a marshall on a bike like that, if the pace car is out, a person could ride at the back of the group to keep all riders together :thumbup
Ooooh ...

... funny that bike has the same rad grill I've just bought!

There's no way I'd get rid pf those original 4 gold pipes - that's the bikes trade mark!

Mods (currently in boxes in the garage) :-

1) Braided hoses front and rear
2) Z1000 Stainless Rad Cover
3) Scottoiler!!!
4) K&N Air Filter
5) Tail tidy and smaller 7x5 plate
6) Personalised Plate
7) Paintwork (already done - pearlescent orange in keeping with 2004 colour)
8) Matching 2004 orange engine covers
9) Belly pan ***

*** Gotta say that belly pan on the pic above is a bit over styled for my liking.

I've ordered a pyramid one (simple styling) but it's on hold for restyling at the moment due to some issues with ground clearance.

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BBman can we have some friday pictures please?? your avatar is getting me ready for 12 hours of work tonight :lol
Got to be GINGA NINJA down the side of your ride....what with the paint job and the Kwak:thumbup

Defo got a ring to it:handclap

Personally, I would paint it blue and call it "My bike"

I think he going to call it 'Tigger'.

You'll see why when he posts the photos. :) I have a few, but I won't steal his thunder.

Maybe it could be 'Terry the Tigger', shortened to just 'TT'.

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