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On2-Racing/ Godfather Racing Bodywork/ Stalemate27 Custom Paint *PICS ADDED**

I put thi salso in the racers section, but others may be interested.

One of my buddies has set up the following:

On2-Racing.com has teamed up with Godfather Racing Bodywork and Stalemate27 Custom Paint to offer painted sets of bodywork at a reasonable price with a portion of the proceeds going to the Roadracing World Airfence Fund.

Painted sets are going to $800 per set shipped with $100 per set going towards the Roadracing World Airfence Fund!

All bodywork sets wil be painted one color with a choice of six colors to choose from.

Your color choices will be:

Bodywork sets can be painted with different colors on the upper and lower and still be considered one color! Example red upper with silver lower.

All bodywork sets will also have number plates painted on as well! you will need to specify if you need either a yellow or white number plate when you order.

Price includes painting of tank also! Customer will be liable for shipping of tank to painter!

Bodywork is available for the following motorcycles:

97-00 GSXR 600
96-99 GSXR 750
01-03 GSXR 600
00-03 GSXR 750
04-05 GSXR 600
04-05 GSXR 750
01-02 GSXR 1000
03-04 GSXR 1000
05-06 GSXR 1000
99-02 SV 650
03-05 SV 650

99-02 R6
03-04 R6
05 R6
04-05 R1

03-04 ZX6RR/636R
05 ZX6RR/636R

02-03 CBR954RR

All ordering will be done through On2-Racing.com to be able to maintain a level of customer service the custom deserves. All further contact will be made through On2-racing.com.

If you have questions or would like to place an order please contact On2-racing at [email protected]

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery from date of purchase.

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Some people had some questions aboutthe price. Here is what was told

Regular Price $800 is going to last as long as ON2-racing wants...

The $700 is as long as Godfather plastics has there special going on.
Here is a link to a review of the painters work on Gixxer. com (the pics are removed, but the text is very good).

Lastly, here are some pics of the work. It was done on a gixxer and even though the pic clarity isnt the best (not my pics) you can see that it is a quality job.
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