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what type of oil is most people using?

Mines got a change coming soon so just wondered what most popular/best is?
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Hi R6speed

Donot use fully synthetic, It can cause clutch slip. Most people use a semi synthetic oil, as for makes well it depends on how much you want to spend.
I use what ever the dealer put in last time it got serviced.
I've used fully synthetic Mobile 1 :thumbup since 2002 in mine and never had a problem but it is a bit expensive. Most dealers use the cheapest they can get away with. :hattip
cheers for your input fellas, also gonna give it a good going over, how often should the chain and sprokets be changed for shiny new ones?
The guide for chains and sprockets is to grab hold of the chain at the back of the rear sprocket and give it a good pull away from the front of the bike in line with the swingarm. If it lifts even a few mm its a good indication its worn.

Another indication is to check the teeth on the spocket and look for signs of rounding - if the teeth look like /( instead of /\ again thats a giveaway.

If there are any teeth missing, well thats a dead giveaway eh Steptoe.

The above is assuming that your chain still looks like a chain and not a rusted strip of metal with seized links :p

As a general rule chain & sprockets should be replaced as a set.
AMSOIL full synth 10w 40 is what I use - no problems
Replace chain at least as often as I used to ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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