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Oil Leak - need some help

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I laid the bike down on the right side a while ago and scraped this up a little (I have sliders but I wore through the one on the right). Now I've got a small oil leak coming from under here somewhere when I ride. It doesn't leak when the bike is off. I haven't taken the plastics off yet because one of the bolts on the lowers is stripped. Also, I don't even know what's leaking. The oil doesn't seem to be coming from the cover plate, it seems to be coming from back/behind it.

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Anyone know where the leak would be coming from and what it is? I'm not sure what this part is and don't want to start taking things apart if I'm going to mess anything up. (I also don't want to pay Yamaha $300+ to fix something that may take me 20 mins).
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If you're lucky and didn't nick the cover during your getoff, it might just be the gasket. I had that gasket leak on me. Wasn't even torn, just deformed a little. It's very easy to just take that cover off and have a look. Directions are in the service manual you can download from the board. My advice is: 1) buy a new gasket in advance (so the bike doesn't have to sit after you remove the cover until your dealer orders one). 2) Use the service manual and remove that cover. 3) Inspect both the surface on the engine and the cover, as well as the gasket, for any irregularities. 4) If the problem isn't obvious at this point, that new gasket should do the trick!

EDIT: Take the lowers off and give it a real good clean first and see if you can tell exactly where the oil is coming from.
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