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Ohlins Damper for 06 R6

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anyone know where to get the Ohlins damper for the 06 R6 at a decent price???
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Do you mean the Scotts/Ohlins damper? It is just a Scotts damper with Ohlins written on the front. Search the web for the $404 price .......10% off the $449 list is the best you'll get. My Yammy dealer will get it for me at that price.
Is this just for bling factor? You might want to look at other rotary dampers that are cheaper and just as effective. I never understand this need to buy the most expensive shit because of the name on the piece of gear. Sometimes it's worth the cost, but most times it's not. This is one of those cases.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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