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new to the forums, new r6

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hey everyone, ive been reading through the forums for a little while and decided to finally sign up. im the proud owner of a 2006 r6. i used to ride dirtbikes back in the day. ive had some street experience before so im not a newb who decided to give motorcycles a try with a literbike haha. here are some pics of my girl. so far ive installed a track side fender eliminator and low pro front signals. ive done the gp shift mod and set the sag to my weight. nothing too crazy. next upgrade is an akrapovic full titanium system. yea its ungodly expensive but i want something that will give me a good mid range boost in power and save a ton of weight instead of just making noise. plus the stock muffler allready sounds amazing :thumbup.


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nice choice in bike. welcome to the forum!
i was under the impression that literbikes were bikes with 1k cc's
Beautiful bike, have to upgrade my bike to one of those next year. Yes, a litrebike or literbike is a bike with 1000cc's. Over here in the UK we tend to categorize bikes and cars by litre - hence a Chrysler Voyager with a 3.3 litre engine is actually a 3300cc engine etc etc.

Oh, take off the passenger footpegs - much cleaner without...
why does your bike look like it has a car license plate attached? Nice bike btw..
liter bikes are 1000 cc yes i know this. i know mine is a 600 cc. i was refrenceing the ignorance of some people. not a direct comparison. sry for the confusion.

i would take the passneger footpegs off but i like to give girls rides. haha.

oh and it isnt a car liscense plate, just a temp tag thats been reinforced with duct tape and folded over so its smaller. the thing was massive on the back and it was getting pretty beat up from the wind.
deafseeingeyedog said:
i would take the passneger footpegs off but i like to give girls rides. haha.
Best and only reason to leave them on an '06! :hattip
hells yea, but no fat ones, they slow the bike down too much.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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