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NEW Teknic Lightning One-Piece Suit

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Brand new 1 piece suit. Has never been used! Has plenty of ventilation and is a great suit. Size is a 48. Shipping will be 23.00, if needed. Email me if you have any questions. You won't find a better suit at this price. I accept PAYPAL
-Racer cut: anatomical pre curved arms and legs developed in conjunction with all TEKNIC® racers worldwide.
-Torso stretch system, for better fit and maneuverability.
-Outer shell of top quality Cowhide: 1.2 - 1.4mm thickness.
-TASC (TEKNIC® Advanced Seam Construction). Rows of hidden stitching providing maximum seam strength.
-KNOX® CE Approved KFP1 armor fitted in Knees, Shoulders and Elbows.
-KNOX® CE Approved TP2 back armor.
Advanced Elbow pocket, secures elbow armor into the outer shell.
-Knee stretch panel allows better knee movement.
-Safety wrap system for Seat / Chest / Legs: a seamless chest and leg side construction.
-Safety wrap seat lined with second layer of leather.
-Full motion arm system, a panel of stretch
-Cordura that extends from the cuff to the chest of the suit with no seams.
-TEKNIC® Full motion leg system, a 1pc stretch
-Cordura panel from the crotch to the calf.
-Calf leather expansion panel for improved calf fit.
-Perforated for breathability.
-Comfort Collar system: 1 piece neoprene collar.
-Standard TEKNIC® style knee slider.
-All zippers are genuine Japanese YKK® zippers.
-Full frontal perforations, allowing maximum air flow.
-Silver “Airtex” lining is anti-bacterial and non allergenic.
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Guess I should have posted pics huh, :myfault

I accept PAYPAL


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Last chance, $420.00 shipped
how tall are you and what do you weigh???
rsixslix said:
how tall are you and what do you weigh???
6 Feet and 200 Lbs
Might be a little too big for me
im about 5'8" think it will be to tall for me????
sickboy 00 said:
im about 5'8" think it will be to tall for me????
I think it will be too tall for you :(
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