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New sprockets from Corner 2 Racing...

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Frank has done it again...
...these sprockets are beautiful!!!

Perfectly straight and centered. Anodized black looks awesome!
I tested them at the Canadian Nationals last weekend, and they worked perfectly and showed no premature wear or marring. I will be using these all summer for sure.

Contact Frank (Aknee1) for pricing and info.

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Those are really nice looking, better than the vortex imho. When i do my 520 conversion i definately want a black sprocket but renthal isn't making colored streetbike sprovkets yet, so i think that may be the one (front +1 rear +1or2...any reccomendations for an 06 R6 mostly on street/street twisties?)

whats the dent from in your swingarm?
Guessing these are aluminum and not steel?
They're anadized aluminum...(like afam, vortex, etc...)

Dexta, the dent is from the bike falling off it's stand, before I even got to ride it! :(

Oh well. She's still a peach. :)
total hotness.....going price on these sexy bitches?
Looks really good. Should be very light if its aluminum.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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