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So on Monday most of my parts came in ... Got the missing shipment of bolts, nuts, and stays in ... new Driven gel grips ... And :bowdown:bowdown ASV shorty levers !!

Got them installed last night .:drunkbud.. here are the pics along with last Sundays installs (changed oil / oil filter and installed Xenonrider HID's)

I really love the look and feel of the ASV shorty levers over stock. The 100% adjust ability is awesome. New levers + Gel grips = whole new feel.
But I'm also really glad the way it turned out because I know my left handlebar is a tad bent from the crash (so was the stock clutch lever) but after replacing it with ASV levers, it feels OK. Before the clutch lever was really bent too low but I don't think I'll need to replace the handlebar just yet.

The 8000K HID's look sick also. Although I'm having a power issue with the ballast not getting enough power, I think a relay should do the trick. Every time i start up the bike the HID's would come on then go off... On the 2nd start it will stay on (cuz the HID's are semi-charged).


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