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New bike and rider

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Hello everyone , i am member in r6messagenet since march . Just yesterday i bought a 03 R6 from a friend of mine and very good rider Stavros. So i thought that is the perfect time for posting to the welcome center .

Today i took my first ride on the r6 , which is the first ss bike that i ride ( i had enduro and sm only), and i was absolutely impressed although i didn't get over 6000 or 7000 rpm and 120km/h . I can say that i was feeling very safe at this situations and i enjoyed the ride a lot ( It had a beautiful weather too) . I can't make any conclusion because i am new to ss bikes but i think that this bike will be the first that i'll love a lot .

There are more pics of the bike and description about the upgrades that she has in my garage .

p.s : I was trying to find a phrase that it said when someone enters a company but i got the lower with C ..... so i didn't find anything :/ but i am very happy for entering to the group :)
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:welcome If you dont mind me asking, what is an ss bike, or enduro and sm for that matter?
Karonic said:
:welcome If you dont mind me asking, what is an ss bike, or enduro and sm for that matter?
ss= supersport
enduro= dirtbike w/ headlight, set up for enduro races
sm= supermoto, supermotard

I'm guessing. Oh yeah, :welcome and your bike looks great!
:welcome yoohoo,
i am sure that you will be impressed with the capabilities of your new bike,and you will love her as much as her previous owner did!!!
i already miss her but i know that she is in good hands.

ps:more pics please
that looks amazing. good purchase bro :thumbup
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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