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New baby - Phase 1 pic!

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Here it is after managing to collect it LATE on Saturday evening cus the weather was so crap.

I spent all Sat night sticking on the bits I had.

It's only got about 30 miles on the clock in this pic.

Bloke what did the paintwork excelled himself again - you can't tell from the pic, but it's got a nice pearlescent finish to it that goes all yellow and stuff in the sun.


Phase 2 will be braided hoses and the belly pan which is about 3 weeks away.

(Braided hoses should have been on this weekend but Goodrich sent me the wrong things!).

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It looks smart. I reckon the Z1000's the best looking fighter on the market. I wonder why Kwak don't sell it in orange though. My mate's got a black one, but I personally reckon the orange is the best colour. Looks like nothing else on the road.

Bike looks great. Mods are suttle but effective. Just promise you wont start putting fancy colour bolts, footpegs on it. :D

I see there is a post with Hailey passing her test (Well Done) :handclap. So you both can go out for weekend trips.

Another understated vehiclular addition to the SlaYYer collection :lol
Nice one mate, just love the colour
looks good:thumbup
Looks stunning,

I was seriously thinking about a 750 before I bought the R6. At £4000 its a good price.

But loving the 1000. Whats your/everyones thoughts on the exhausts?
oooooooooh, sexy wee city !
Lurvly looking. :thumbup

Will you be avoiding the rain untill the bellypan arrives? Nudey bikes are a bitch to keep clean.
Here's Paul taking care of his new baby!

Note that in the foreground is the source of his inspiration for the colour, complete with yellow sponge (just visible). :)

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those colous are strikingly similar:lol
^^^ pmsl just imagening paul going into spray shop with said bucket in hand and bike behind him saying"can i have that bike in plastic bucket orange please"
and the dude behind the counter saying 'Where a f**k did you get a pearlesent bucket from?'
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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