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Needed for SAT - a rider to go with wojoboy :P

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thats right everyone, im headed out for the first time this season, and if anyone wants to go for a ride around hamilton around 2 let me know
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i would
cept some of us have to WORK tomorrow morning
the ride is sat morning ^o) at 2 pm on saturday lol im lost
ok i missed the part about it being on saturday...

i'm in if its at 4

we should ask Ulyssis to come.. but word on the street is his fiance made him drop bikes and pickup knitting (oh and mark too(pussies))
lmao. i got somewhere to be at 6 so the earlier we can start the better. 2? in hamilton. Ive never been out much in hamilton maybe you guys could show me a few places locally
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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