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Need to know.................... asap

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I have finally got my bike back together from my wipe out but i noticed today that the lower triple clamp is missing one of the stoppers that are supposed to be there it must have busted off when i went down.

anyway i was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not i can still ride the bike like that or will it do more damage or cause other problems i want to ride this weekend because it will finally be extremely nice out but if it is going to cause problems i am going to have to wait until Monday when the new one comes in.

please let me know waht you think


doesn't anyone know...... i really need to find out

any responce will be greatly appreciated
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I would get it fixed asap. I have an 06 r6 and like many others it was missing the upper triple clamp bolt on the right side. I instaled a bolt right away when i noticed it better safe than sorry.
It won't cause any problems when you ride except for you may trap your thumb while making tight turns.

Also if you crashed with enough force to snap off a lock stop did you check the headstock of the frame where the stop would have undoubtedly been embedded during the crash?
the stop broke off completly it isn't embedded in anything, anyway i appreciate everyones responces but i received a pm that made me relize that i shouldn't rush something just to be able to ride again.

So i have ordered a new part and had the bike shop come and pick the bike up to get it replaced, i have gone this long what is one more weekend
I raced a full season with one broken...it wont do anyting. I really wouldnt do it with out a damper though
you could fix it for free...just drill and tap a bolt in the same spot...or something similar.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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