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need quick answeres..( kinda long)

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i finally have enough money to get the r6 i always wanted.....i was looking at an '01 for 4500 but got a great deal on a 2003 r6 with 2,800 miles on it for $5,400.....Anyways....im picking it up tomorw( cant even describe how excited i am) only thing is its 3 hours away in rhode island, and im not sure what to look for or to ask the seller...i already asked him the basics like if it was ever dropped or accidents but is there anything i should do besides test drive it before i bring it home??? .....
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have you already bought it? or just going to look at it? Even though it seems like a great deal (it just might be) and you're driving a long way to look/pick it up, be skeptical. Look at tire tread, brake pads, ask whether serviced or done himself (what done/when) if he took care of this thing he would know offhand. peep at his other toys/garage to see how he keeps his stuff. eyeball everything from sprocket wear to clip-ons at full lock to do a quick judge if they're straight...from the sound of it, it seems like you already purchased it. keep us posted!
well test drive it for sure, make sure the transmission feels smooth, might be a good idea to look at oil. when i am looking to buy a used bike, basically i really just look at the condition of the bike, the overall appearance and condition is going to tell you how well the bike has been taken care of. If you get there, and the bike is super dirty/muddy, doesn't look like it has been care off, i probably wouldn't buy it, but thats just me,,, and take cash, and make him take 5k for it :thumbup
^what he said. without a doubt, cash in hand TALKS. plus, some people aren't keen on letting people test ride without having cash money on hand.
Soo, about 2 hours after posting this thread, the guy calls me telling me he has bad news, as sooon as he said that i was like fuck....Turns out some guy offered him 5900 for it and he told him ok, i was like are you fu*cking serious....I told him that was a scumbag thing to do and basically went on for a couple minutes bitching and he said there wasnt anything he could do...so I hung up and started looking at bike trader again( where i found the 1st bike)....i found an 03 kawasaki 636 for 5900 and it was like 15 minutes from my house, sooo i was about to settle for that since i already had the cash. When i get there with my dad, to my surprise and delight i see a beautiful, mint condition 03 r6, red/ black flame edition with a micron high mount exhaust sitting next to the 636....i asked the guy if it was for sale and he said i dont think so, some guy gave me a deposit for it and was waiting for a reply from the bank to see if he could get approved for a loan, turns out the guy was denied and the guy said if i wanted it its mine....only thing he wanted 6400 for it...talked him down to 6000......soooi am the proud new owner of a '03 r6 and couldnt be happier, i cant wait to get out there next week and ride allll daayyyy
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Way to go bro!!!! post up some pics when you get a chance. good things come, my friend. see you on the board
Beautiful bike...the 03 Black/Red Flames. I had one.....:furious

But it's all good...I have a new 06 Raven now.

CONGRATS....ride safe and smart.
Congrats on the '03! :thumbup I read the thread and was starting to think you ended up with the Kawi. Ride safe!

its kind of funny thou.. that the first bke you looked at was an 01' for $4500... then ended up spending $6K after all....

i sold my red 05', 2 weeks ago and im sad now.... :(
congrats man you're gonna have a blast on that thing! get a season under your belt and get your ass to the track, thats where the real fun is!
Thats not long
awesome brother check out my "garage" under my avatar. you gotta post some pics. everyone hates us cuz they know the black w flames is faster.
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