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:bowdown I just bought some type 2.5 valtermoto rearsets for my 07 r6......
they dont come with intructions and i didnt think they would be hard to figure out but i ran into a few problems

1st the left hand rearset....... comes with 2 spacers, do these go against the frame? or between the rearset and mounting plate? the other side has narrower spacers between the mount (back plate) and rearset.

Next is the linkage, it comes with 2 ball joints 1 for each end of the link rod....1 is metal and goes to the gear shaft....the other is made of plastic and has 2 problems...
1....it has no threaded bar to attach to the rod with? and none suplied
2....It has a spacer that goes into it, to put your screw through but its too long as it gets in the way of the gear selector? and it wont match up with the link rod.

I want to run it race shift pattern as thats all i ride and dont want to go back to standard.

Has anyone had any experience fitting these to there street/racebike?

Lets hope they were worth the money:)
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