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Need help with a choice.

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Here's my problem. I've got 2 bike on hold, I can pick up either this weekend and I'll be paying cash. The first is a 03 R6 limited edition black w/ red flames, a zero gravity blacked out windscreen, 1938 miles, garaged its whole life, and minor damage on the right side from where it was dropped at a stand still. No frame sliders so its got a few fender scratches, muffler scratches and a busted peg. The bike with a twice used Black Arai Astral-X Large helmet w/ clear and tinted face shield for $6,400.

On the other side I have a 03 liquid silver R6 with 4600 miles no damage AT ALL, garaged its whole life, no custom anything except frame sliders, a barely worn Aplinestars T-Stunt Air-Flo Jacket with armor and a cold weather insert and a never worn Shoei RF-1000 metallic black helmet. Whole thing gear included $6,000.

I test drove both and their the cleanest used bikes (other then the limited damage) that I've ever seen. I like the black ALOT, the silver isn't bad but the black looks awesome. Keep in mind that in looking at replacement fairing the black and red runs about 350 per piece as where the silver costs 150. WHAT SHOULD I DO. Any and all help is EXTREMELY appreciated.
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personally i'm digging the info on the silver. the 2000+ extra miles is a drop in the bucket and the frame sliders show an appreciation for care that the previous owner held. go with your gut tho, bro. or list out the pros and cons of each ride and go with the one that is clearly the winner in your book. if there is an obvious variance, but you still can't go with the top bike, then you've already subconsciously made a decision...
i would be leaning more towards the silver 03
i too would go with the silver 03... but if you like the black and the damage doesn't seem as bad.. then go for the black.. the info on the silver 03 just seems more appealing to me..
I forgot, 3rd owner on the black, second on the silver. Both front pegs on the black are busted in half. With them being spring loaded what would have to happen for them to break??
stationary drop can bust the peg happened to me other day fk'in peg snapped in 1/2.. but i have slider so not a touch on fairings, i say go for the silver it's value for ur $ or if u like the other bike that much better get him to drop the price and i mean drop! not just $2 off kinda shit. end of da day it's value for $ vs what u want more.. *black/red > silver* since i got the black/red muahahaha.. gl with buying
The black flamed out r6 is a sweet bike, but not with that much damage. Fairings alone can be in the hundreds. Sounds to me that there was more respect in the past for the silver one.

Go with your gut, but it is a lot of money to spend on a bike to have to turn around and spend more on it. It's nice out. You wanna get out and enjoy it without worrying what internal parts are damaged that you CAN'T see. There's a reason why they didn't repair the fairings and stuff before selling it...:2cents
I agree with everyone else, the silver is the way to go IMO
Go with the silver one... you could get it repainted black and red if you are that stuck on the color for $500 and still save money on the fairing and peg you would still need with the other one
I have a silver one... so you know my choice. But really, I'd much rather go for the bike that's in better condition. 2000 more miles is nothing.
Indeed, shows the bike wasnt just sitting around for a long period of time also and might have problems you and the owner dont even know about
no damage everytime!!!
the extra 2000 miles is nothing since it seems like the silver bike was well taken care of. as long as its maintained it could have many more miles then just 2000 more. sounds like the black one wasnt well maintained at all and the damage plus it being $400 more is gonna cost you more hten what the bike is actually worth. save your money and paint the silver one black and red if you like the color so much. then youll have a nice paint job and a good running machine.
silver gets my vote

i dont know ur location, but to me "thats too much Bob (Barker)"
but thats just my:2cents
I'd go with the silver one, hands down. It has no damage and it's $400 less than the red/black one. And what everyone is saying about the extra 2,000 miles is right, it's nothing. And if was well maintained, it is worth it! The extra money you'll have to put into repairing the red/black one will make it cost much more than the silver one.
silver one seems like it was taken care of by a more responsbile person...
take everyone's advice :D
I'm going to be selling my 03' Silver with Frame Sliders and grip warmers, otherwise all stock. Never been down with 7000 miles. Pretty much brand new and garage kept.

Hit me up if you're near Atlanta and interested. Just haven't taken any good pics yet to put it in the classifieds.
Go with the liquid silver. Save the extra $$$ and get a Pit Bull stand and a damper.
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