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Need help having trouble down shifting

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So a couple of days ago i was having trouble down shifting but with a few trys it would go down. Then today on my way home i was in 6th gear and tryed to down shift and when i would step down on the shift lever nothing was happening. Then afer several trys it would down shift but i couldnt get it out of 4th. But i could go back up threw the gears to 6th. So if anyone can help me at all i really need it. Thanks a lot Oh and by the way its a 2000 r6 with about 16k miles
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I'd start buy checking the slack in your clutch cable at the controls. If fiddling with that doesn't work, take off the lowers and play with the cable at the clutch cover. If you can't get it downshift smoothly by adjusting the clutch cable, then it could be your clutch itself. I've got 23K on my 02 and ithe plates show almost no wear, but if you've been hard on it, haven't changed the oil frequently or have done lots of wheelies, it could be shot at 16K.
Hmm.... You know I had a problem with my gear sticking when I shifted down. So at a stop light I looked to see what the hells goin on. Come to find out my damn shift lever is grazing my kickstand. My guess is make sure you dont have a bent shift lever or anything of that matter. Another thing if that isnt the issues could be the detent spring that alot of us have been having trouble with.
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