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I bought this bike wrecked back in 05' with 8k miles on the odometer. Now with over 20k on the bike I've decided to bring some new life to it.
Mods thus far include:
Power Commander III
Headlight Halo’s
HID headlights
Frame sliders
Powder-coated accessories
Integrated tail light
Flush mount blinkers
D2M Polished clutch and brake levers
Underglow accents
Carbon tank guard
Carbon gas cap cover
Tinted windscreen
52 tooth rear sprocket
15 tooth front sprocket
Lowering link
Steele braded front brake lines
Custom shorty exhaust
Chrome mirror block off plates
BMC Feracci High flow air filter
Spy motorcycle alarm
Chrome brake reservoir cap
D2M Polished Billet handlebar grips

Now follow along with me as I transform the bike into A unique show bike :)

Before picture.

Tearing the front fender down. It had been previously replaced and had quite a few coats of paint on it, so I ended up stripping it completely.

Front fender pretty much completely striped and almost ready for primer

Front fender painted and cleared. Just needs wet sanding and buffing

Rear fender sanded and ready for primer

Rear fender painted and cleared. Once again waiting for sanding and buffing

Rear fairing had a big crack under the seat; needed some body work. Sanding almost done.

Rear fairing sanded and pretty much ready for primer

Rear fairing with primer

Base coat applied

Base coat with air brushing, awaiting clear

Starting on the front fairing by repairing the crack

Headlight and ram air covers in primer

Angel eyes installed; what a pain in the ars!

Thats it for now! Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am doing the project. Other things to come besides finishing the fairings are polished wheels and swing arm. The tank is done but I need to re-do it ;) Stay tuned for hopefully more updates later on tonight!

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Next update from today includes finishing the rear fairing...enjoy

Rear fairing in clear; awaiting sanding and buffing. Notice the streaks on the tail. That is just wet clear coat over less wet clear coat. Once dry it will blend and vanish.

Rear fairing is cleared and almost dry. You can see it looks a tad rough (c'mon I dont even have a paint booth! Wet sanding and buffing will take care of that.

Tail of the rear fairing. Notice no more streaks and also the faded R6 emblem I masked off and put in. (look closely and from side to side)

And last but not least some manufactured goodies. Flush mount fronts and frame sliders...
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