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Mrs. SlaYYer just passed!!!

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Mrs. SlaYYer just passed!!! (PICS ADDED)

About 10 mins ago.


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Congratulations, in this weather aswell??? BIG congrats.

All she has to do now is get out on the road on her own and gain even more confidence!

Has the repsray been done??
Yeay!!! I was just going to ask how she got on, Congrats.
A hearty congratulations to Mrs. SlaYYer. :D

Roll on the fun times.
Top result :)
Congrats to her...Bet she's chuffed to hell :handclap
Well done Mrs SlaYYer :handclap :thumbup

Maybe now's the time to bring up the subject of a 'ring trip while she's in a good mood:devilwink
Nice one. Keep a close eye in those gixer mirrors now!!!
CONGRATULATIONS Mrs Slayyer! :handclap

Ride safe but swift!! :hyper

Nice to hear the good news Well done!:thumbup Im just wondering how long it will take before she wants to take the Gixxer for a spin :hyper
Well done Mrs slayyer

Congrats to her m8:thumbup Just in time for the summer as well if it ever gets here.

Well done Mrs Slayyer! Another lady member to the forum I hope! :thumbup

Its weird how one minute there were no females on this forum and now everyones partner seems to be riding and posting! Its really good! But im im sure there will be a revolt in the future! :devilwink

Congratulations Mrs Slayyer! :handclap
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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