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Motor Oil and bike tires....Should I be looking for a new tire

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I just got a new qualifier for my rear tire. I went out to the bike today and found that it was sitting in an oil water mix.....some oil floating on water. Is the tire trash or can it be ridden and wear in? I really hope that I did not get screwed by someone leaving oil on the ground. It looked like they changed their oil right next to my bike. Is there any way to tell it if it is ruined or not?

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Shouldn't be a problem. Be careful until you've got it re-scrubbed in, though.
NOt a problem. I have accidentally spilled brake fluid, WD40, oil, and many other things on my tires just take it easy after you get back on the road.
Cool, I was wondering the same thing. I did go and ride anyway. Things seemed fine.:thumbup
Yep just run the bike and take it easy for the 1st 10-20 miles.
should be ok, i accidently sprayed WD-40 on the edge of mine only this morning, just take it easy for a bit
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