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Please stop posting any links to download these races, you're getting us in trouble.

Find enclosed message of illegal acts.

Dear Mr. *******,

You should be already aware about the unauthorised reproduction or public
communication of some photographs and audiovisual works (videos) property of
DORNA SPORTS, S.L., which is the company that holds the copyright on such
protected works of the MotoGP.

We have discovered that you are providing links to access free MotoGP video
of the MotoGP, that free access is not authorised by DORNA. Such links now
are on the web page (www.r6messagenet.com)

You must stop such illicit use, and facilitating the illicit use to others,
of our copyright immediately.

Once you have stopped, and deleted such infringing links, please contact
DORNA either via e-mail Jacopo T. (jaco******@dorna.com) or by
telephone (+***********).

Should we do not receive any confirmation from your side about your
withdrawal of using contents from the MotoGP within the next TEN days, we
shall be obliged to pass notice of your infringement to our Legal

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Jacopo T.
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Not open for further replies.