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moto video - speed on 2 wheels

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I haven't seen all of it, but it looks real good. It was recorded off TV, it's an hour long, all about motorcycles, from racing to how they work. Pretty cool.

edit - watched all of it now - it's a very good show if you got the time.

sorry, I posted this in the wrong place - someone PLEASE MOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Isnt that illegal? Good vid anyways but you guys have only helped me procrastinate....THANKS:thumbup
I watched it work, great video

Gave me something to do :thumbup
Good video, i like the new google movie feature.. alot of good stuff on there
awsome video. Thanks
wow, what could be better? I gotta get me wunna them cool 3-D chassis point locators, that thing was schweeeet:hyper

Oh, and the chick with the nice ass building Ducati's was a nice touch, too :thumbup
Awesome. So who is gonna try the no handed-smack your steering to one side-intentional head shake thing now? :bowdown
i want to DL that vid....

good vid
So who's going to go out at 80mph and slap the right handle bar and watch it wobble and adjust itself?

damn I was beaten to it. Cheers raider
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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