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Okay so maybe not the most but definitely up there.
2007 r6 with 51,xxx miles on it only known mod to it is a superbikes unlimited ecu and the only reason I know that is because it’s got the o2 sensor removed and the exup system, now I bought the bike for 250 bucks and have put 5,000 miles on it since march 7th by only putting a battery in it an oil change and new front and rear tires so Obviously I got my money out of it here’s my question.
The bike randomly decided when it wants to idle could happen when it’s warmed up or when it’s cold it literally chooses when and when not to idle everything is in spec when I run through diag mode no codes come up until yesterday. It comes up code 23 which I know is the atmospheric pressure sensor now I knew I needed a new one awhile ago due to the fact that when I took the bike apart to do the plugs I noticed the nipple was broken off to be shorter so I jerry rigged it with a little bit of gasket sealer so it sealed properly
Last week I decided to do a compression test and keep in mind I did jr cause I’m bored the bike literally runs great besides the idle issue so anyway I do a compression test find out that
Cylinder #1: 0 psi
Cylinder #2: 123psi
Cylinder #3: 125 psi
Cylinder #4: 135 psi
Obviously thats way below the minimum 185 so why or how does my bike run great no check engine light until i put it back together after doing the test and I was either in a rush and forgot to plug that sensor back in or maybe it finally shit the bed completely I’ll know later this week when I have time to check it out. But I started it on Sunday and it actually idled fine, I didn’t get a chance to go out and ride it to see how long it lasted but code 23 pops up now also now since I’ve owned the bike anytime the temp is above 130 degrees when I turn the key off it will say er-01 on the display which means no signal from ecu and like I said it literally says this anytime my temp is above 130 degrees an I turn the key off if I just use the kill. Switch it’s fine and nothing
So why the er-01 and why does my bike seem happier I may have left the atmosphere sensor unplugged
Once again the er-01 has been happening the entire time I’ve owned it when the code 23 just popped this weekend just kinda curious as to your guys input on all of this
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