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Minor crash today.

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So it was my first time in a new canyon and I was riding with a couple of new people, Tetsuo was one, and a guy I've riden with before, Plague of Bodom.

Plague brought a friend along and he was in front of me.

Anyway, about 30 minutes into the canyon the new guys who was right in front on me just went wide on a corner and crossed yellow, and then didn't correct his line well and just went right into the dirt on the other side of the road during his correction.

Man I saw it coming right when he crossed yellow and i tried with my head to help him, but no.... slow motion into the dirt into the corner, front end washed out, rider down and helmet hit the floor as I went right by him.

I pulled over, he was fine and the bike ok. Check California section Saturday ride for pics of him and the bike.

I have replayed the wreck 100 times in my head already.

I'm no pro rider but for all reading, ride new canyons carefully, and noob riders don't hug corners too early, cause you will end up wide with no visibility.

Lesson learned for me and him.
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no doubt, always ride new roads cautiously. Hope your friend recovers quick and gets the bike back on the road.
i'm glad you were behind him to stop. good job! :thumbup
damn andrew, thought YOU were the one who crashed when i read the title...

seeing someone go down right in front of you puts you in check. shit happens, and nobody's perfect. (even though andrew's a very good rider, and don't be modest and say you're not :D)
Sideshow, you makin me blush.

It made me realize shit could happen to anyone at any time. Plague bro was tough though. A quick smoke and he was good to go.
surfhwy1 said:
Sideshow, you makin me blush.
Alrighty than... :umm


Happy your friend is alright, and good job of not target fixating and following him.

And last but not least I hate you Cali guys and all your good weather and canyons.
Never thought about following him off, shit I was watching him.
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